Oct 15

U of MN: Department of Computer Science and Engineering Visit

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Stop by and talk with a staff member to learn more about the U's Computer Science & Data Science graduate programs.

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019
11:30 am – 1:00 pm / Sayles, Table #4

U of MN, Computer Science & Engineering

Are you interested in Computer Science or Data Science? Curious about graduate school?  Wondering if it’s right for you?  Look into it a bit!

Table Visit: Tuesday, October 15th | 11:30-1:00pm | Sayles Great Space, Table #4

Stop by and talk with staff to get information about the U's Computer Science & Engineering degrees, the process of applying to a program, timeline, and get your general questions answered.  Two Carls from the class of 2019 are enrolled!

Programs include:

Computer Science Ph D
The Ph.D. in Computer Science is a research based degree that culminates with a unique dissertation that demonstrates original and creative research. Our doctoral program consists of three components: coursework, research, and thesis preparation. Doctoral students typically begin with courses that fulfill background, breadth and supporting program requirements. They will also take courses that help to develop and refine their research writing skills including information analysis and synthesis as well as written and verbal presentation capabilities. Throughout your career as a doctoral student you will receive support from your faculty advisor(s), peer and research groups, the graduate program coordinator and  plethora of individuals across campus. We work together to facilitate your progress through the program in a positive and supportive manner. Our primary goal is to make sure that your experience is positive, productive and prepares you for a successful career beyond the University of Minnesota.

M.S. in Computer Science

The M.S. program in the Computer Science and Engineering department has three tracks a student may choose to pursue: Plan A , a thesis based degree, Plan B project based Degree and Plan C a course work only M.S. Degree. Each track has a separate set of requirements through the general structure remains the same. All M.S. degrees in the Computer Science and Engineering department require a total of 31 credit hours 16 of which must be taken within the Computer Science Department, a minimum GPA of 3.25 and a minimum of 3 breath requirements courses as well as one credit hour of the CS Colloquium.

M.S. in Data Science
The M.S. in Data Science program provides a strong foundation in the science of Big Data and its analysis by gathering in a single program the knowledge, expertise, and educational assets in key areas. The focus on data collection and management, data analytics, scalable data-driven pattern discovery, and the fundamental concepts behind these methods is designed to prepare students for a career in one of the fastest growing industries in today's economy. Students completing this regular 2 year (31 credits) master's program will learn state-of-the-art methods for treating Big Data, be exposed to the cutting edge methods and theory forming the basis for the next generation of Big Data technology, and will complete a capstone project that applies this knowledge and skill set to a real world problem. The capstone project gives students a hands on, real world way to demonstrate their mastery of these fundamental concepts by challenging them to design innovative methods for new application areas arising from business, government, security, medicine, biology, physical sciences, and the environment.

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