Mar 4

Mathematics and Statistics Independent Comps Q&A Session

Thursday, March 4th, 2021
4:00 – 6:20 pm / Virtually by Zoom

Math and Stats Independent Comps Q&A Sessions for Winter 2021.  The Zoom links for the sessions will be sent to the mast-interest list and sign up if you are not already on the list.  Additional information and the prerecorded comps presentations can be found here.  

Time: 4:00-4:20 pm
Title: Matrix Completion Problem: nuclear norm minimization approach
Student: Varit Bhanijkasem

Time: 4:20-4:40 pm
Title: Control Theory and Applications
Student: Fred Cunningham

Time: 4:40-5:00 pm
Title: Understanding Asset Pricing with Convex Geometry
Student: Yilun Liu

Time: 5:00-5:20 pm
Title: Hilbert Spaces and the Riesz Representation Theorem
Student: Ruofei Li 

Time: 5:20-5:40 pm
Title: The Lineup Protocol: Using Simulation to Improve Visual Diagnostics
Student: Jack Moran 

Time: 5:40-6:00 pm
Title: The 3x+1 Problem
Student: Yuting Su

Time: 6:00-6:20 pm
Title: Stommel’s Box Model for Thermohaline Circulation
Student: Frank Liu


Sponsored by Mathematics and Statistics Events. Contact: Sue Jandro