The Mathematics Minor

Effective starting with the class of 2019, the Carleton Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a minor in Mathematics.  Our math minor is designed to reflect the depth and diversity of modern mathematics, while also giving students substantial flexibility in designing their own course of study.


To earn a minor in Mathematics, students are required to earn 42 credits from courses taken within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton.  All courses offered in the department count toward the minor, except for the following.

  • Math 115, Math 215, and Math 280 do not count toward the minor.
  • At most one of the following courses can be counted among the 42 credits for the minor:  Math 245, Math 255, Math 275, Math 285, Math 315, and Math 345.

In addition, some courses which count toward a Mathematics major do not count toward a minor, including courses taken in the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program, CS 252, and CS 254.