Library Resources

At the Gould Library

Carleton's Gould library boasts an excellent collection of mathematics books; these books are classified in the Library of Congress system:

  • QA 9 - QA 10 Mathematical Logic
  • QA 101 - QA 141 Elementary mathematics; arithmetic
  • QA 142 - QA 271 Algebra, including machine theory, game theory, number theory
  • QA 273 - QA 274 Probability
  • QA 276 - QA 280 Mathematical statistics
  • QA 297 - QA 299 Numerical analysis
  • QA 299.8 - QA 433 Analysis
  • QA 440 - QA 699 Geometry
  • QA 611 - QA 614 Topology
  • QA 801 - QA 939 Analytical Mechanics

For books not available at Carleton, check out the St. Olaf mathematics collection on the first floor of the St. Olaf Science Center.

Abstracts, bibliographies, indexes

  • Mathematical reviews , vol. 1-- , 1940-- . The issues from 1979 to the present are kept on reference shelves (QA 1); earlier issues are filed by title in periodicals. This important journal publishes short reviews of research and expository papers; be aware of its existence; it may be useful some day.


Carleton College subscribes to the electronic database jstor which stores articles from nearly 30 mathematics and statistics journals. See the complete list of mathematics and statistics titles. (You must access jstor from Carleton College).


The college subscribes to approximately 40 mathematical journals, some electronically. Many of these periodicals publish only research papers. However, many others contain articles written for (and in some instances by) undergraduates. Many of these last journals regularly publish problems to which readers are invited to submit solutions. We encourage you to inspect those periodicals and to test your mathematical wits on problems which appear in them.

Here is a list of periodicals which are of special interest to undergraduates.

  • American Mathematical Monthly ---published 10 times a year; contains survey articles, short notes, problems, book reviews. An excellent journal. The mathematical faculties of Carleton, St. Olaf and Macalester jointly handle the book review section.
  • American Statistician---articles on applications and theory, many readable by undergraduates.
  • Arithmetic Teacher [Electronic]---of special interest to prospective teachers. Chance ---Readable account of new developments in the social, biological, physical, and medical sciences from a statistical perspective.
  • Educational Studies in Mathematics
  • Fibonacci Quarterly ---devoted to esoteric properties of Fibonacci numbers and related beasts.
  • Journal of Recreational Mathematics ---a quarterly containing short articles on a variety of topics; book reviews, problems, and some crazy alphametics.
  • Mathematica Journal ---devoted to the many uses of Mathematica in studying mathematics and a host of other subjects.
  • Mathematical Gazette ---published quarterly by the Mathematical Association of Great Britain; articles, problems, and book reviews.
  • Mathematics Magazine ---appears five times a year; survey articles, book reviews, and problems for solution.
  • Mathematics Teacher ---published by NCTM; a variety of articles of interest to prospective high school teachers.
  • Mathematics Teaching ---roughly, the British counterpart of Mathematics Teacher.
  • Math Horizons --- published four times a year by the Mathematical Association of America; a magazine intended primarily for undergraduates. Besides mathematics, it contains lively articles on mathematical history, people, folklore, culture, book reviews, trivia, and problems.
  • Pentagon ---a four-sided journal published semi-annually by Kappa Mu Epsilon, a mathematical honor society; the articles are very elementary, and the journal also contains reviews, problems, and fraternity gossip.
  • Pi Mu Epsilon Journal ---a semi-annual published by yet another math honor society. The articles and problems are very elementary and quite accessible to undergrads.
  • PRIMUS (Problems, Resources, Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies)---a forum for the exchange of ideas in mathematics at the undergraduate level; many articles concern the use of technology in teaching.
  • The Mathematical Intelligencer ---an excellent periodical appearing four times a year and containing many fine articles on all areas of mathematics.
  • The Two-Year College Mathematical Journal ---elementary articles, reviews, problems, etc.

The Mathematics and Statistics Department keeps current issues of a several journals in the lounge. There you will find Abacus, the American Mathematical Monthly, The Mathematical Intelligencer, Mathematics Magazine, PRIMUS, Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, UMAP Journal,and The Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics. The last journal publishes articles written by undergraduates; each issue also contains suggestions for research projects. A copy of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics will also be found in the lounge.