An Evening of Turkish Music, February 2011

Saturday, February 19, 8 pm
Concert Hall

Internationally renowned musicians Ahmet Erdoğdular (vocals) and Münir Beken (ud) will perform a concert of Ottoman and Turkish classical music.

Ahmet Erdoğdular is an expert vocalist and instrumentalist in the historical Ottoman tradition.  One of the most important musicians of the new generation in Turkish classical music, he specializes in classical vocal improvisational forms, as well as performing on the ud, tanbur and percussion instruments.  He has participated in festivals throughout Europe, Asia and the United States, and his two latest albums, “Songs of the Sultans-Masterpieces of Turkish Classical Music” and “Niyaz-Sufi Songs of Love” have received international acclaim.

Münir Beken is a virtuoso ud player who has performed in venues across the United States, Europe, and Turkey, and was one of the founding members of the State Turkish Music Ensemble.  A faculty member of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Department, he teaches world music theory, music of the Middle East and Central Asia, and composition.  His own compositions have been premiered in New York and Istanbul, and he has won awards for film music and scored television documentaries both nationally and internationally.

From The Carletonian, Winter 2011: Turkish music comes to Carleton