Information for First-Year Students: Hebrew

Contact: Professor Stacy Beckwith

Think beyond the Bible! Modern Hebrew is vital in many professional fields — religion, international relations, history, archaeology, medicine, scientific research, business, and more. Hebrew is perfect for students who are interested in a language with amazing historical and cultural layers. It is also fun for those who like logic — studying Hebrew is like exploring a living abacus as we see how different combinations of ‘root letters’ keep us using a range of biblical words while modern-day words slot in seamlessly to very predictable grammar and spelling patterns.

Can I major in it? Currently no major or minor is offered. However, Hebrew counts as a language for the European Studies Concentration and it is pertinent to some courses in Judaic Studies.

Topics explored: Israeli history, society, culture, through a range of Hebrew texts (newspaper, fiction, poetry, memoir), and popular Israeli media. Israeli popular music through a "karaoke in Hebrew" project. Jewish history in Europe and the Middle East.

How to get started: Students interested in learning Hebrew can begin when the next sequence starts in Winter term, 2017. To begin learning about Israeli and Palestinian socio-cultural relations, students are encouraged to enroll in the A&I seminar, CCST 100.2: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Israeli and Palestinian Identity.