Department of Music

  • Jazz Workshop with Karrin Allyson

    Jazz Workshop with 5-time Grammy nominee Karrin Allyson

    & the Laura Caviani Trio
  • 2017 New York Chinese Instruments International Competition

    Gold Medalists:

    Gus Holley on zhongruan; Haoyi Wang on guzheng, and Gege Zhang on guqin at the 2017 New York Chinese Instruments International Competition
  • Evie Rosenberg and Caleb Rakestraw-Morn

    Carleton Orchestra performs Copland's Quiet City

    soloists: Evie Rosenberg, english horn; and Caleb Rakestraw-Morn, trumpet
  • Issam Rafea

    Issam Rafea

    Oud virtuoso and composer
  • Jazz Workshop W17

    Jazz Workshop

    under the direction of Laura Caviani
  • Carleton Afro-Cuba Ensemble

    Carleton Afro-Cuban Ensemble

    under the direction of Jay Johnson

Carleton is an exceptionally musical college, where excellent musical opportunities abound for all students, regardless of major.  All Carleton students may choose from a wide variety of classroom courses embracing the study of not only western art music, its history, theory, and practices, but also rock, jazz, global pop, Motown, and blues, film music, the philosophy and psychology of music, and musics of India, Africa, the Caribbean, and China.  

Over 800 Carleton students per year have also chosen to perform in Choir, Orchestra, Symphony Band, Jazz Ensemble, Chinese Music Ensemble, West African Drum Ensemble, and to study privately in an array of areas, including voice and all instruments typical of western art music ensembles, and also folk guitar, mandolin, banjo, sitar, Indian vocal music, African drums, jazz, and Chinese musical instruments.