Applied Music Expectations

Practice/Performance Expectations 

Learning expectations are determined individually for each student by his/her teacher; practice time should always be sufficient to enable students to meet those goals on a weekly basis. All students are expected to prepare for lessons in a directed and consistent manner throughout the term; students in hour (two credit) lessons are expected to practice more and prepare more material in order to fully engage with an hour lesson each week. Grades will reflect the quality of work and improvement, as well as the number of lessons attended. Some instructors hold weekly or occasional classes for their students for performance and/or presentation of related material. Students are encouraged to attend some of the many student, faculty, organizational, and guest artist concerts performed each term. By observing and listening to other musicians, a student can gain insight into his or her own performance. Practice rooms are available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Music Hall (primarily piano, voice and strings) and on the Lower Level of the Concert Hall (primarily other instruments).

Missed Lessons

Student Responsibility: Students who need to miss lessons due to illness or necessary trips away from campus should inform the instructor at least 24 hours in advance and arrange a make-up lesson at the instructor's convenience, possibly. Lessons missed because a student is too busy or hasn't practiced are not made up, but advance notice is a courtesy that permits the instructor to use the time more efficiently. Some instructors prefer that unpre­pared students come at their scheduled time and use the lesson time for work on technique, theory, etc.; check with your instructor. Obviously, there may be occasional exceptions (last-minute medical or family emergencies) to the advance notice policy; any other exceptions are at the discretion of the instructor. Students who have more than three unexcused absences from lessons are advised to late drop or accept an F or NC grade.

Faculty Responsibility: Faculty should inform students and the Department Administrative Assistant in advance if they will be unable to teach at the scheduled hour, and should arrange for make-up lessons whenever possible.


Students are expected to attend their first lesson with their instrument, sheet music, and any other necessary items such as reeds, metronomes, mutes, rosin, strings, etc. Students may elect to contact their instructor in advance of their first lesson to inquire about exactly what should be brought. The Instrumental Library (I-libe), located in the basement of the Concert Hall, lends out a limited number of instruments on a first-come first-served basis. The I-libe also has some music supplies for sale and an extensive free lending library of chamber music for students enrolled in MUSC 194 Chamber Music. Students are encouraged to purchase their own solo sheet music. The I-libe will be open beginning New Student Week. Hours will be posted on its door along with contact numbers of people who will be able to help you find what you need.