Jazz @ Carleton

  • Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal
    Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal

Jazz Area at Carleton College

Carleton's Music Department features a number of wonderful ensembles, including many in the Jazz Area.

Please see below for a more detailed description of each ensemble.

The Carleton Jazz Ensemble 

MUSC 190 - 1 credit; S/CR/NC; Arts Practice
Rehearsals: Monday (Instrumental Rehearsal Room 126) Wednesday (Performance Hall) 6:30 - 8 p.m.

The Carleton Jazz Ensemble's focus is on improvisation and the fusion between jazz, rock, funk, and Latin influences. 

This large ensemble often features both student guests and professional musicians from the Twin Cities community.

Each term, new works are created depending on the interests of the members of the group. In addition, each concert features repertoire

ranging from historically significant classics to music hot of the press. Often, compositions are also learned by ear.

Subsets of the Jazz Ensemble complement each performance. These "combos" focus even more heavily on improvisation.

Prerequisites: Admission by audition.
The PDFs on the side of the page contain audition pieces.
Here are the specific instructions for each instrument regarding their sight reading piece:
Please prepare letter G though letter J
Please prepare letter G though J
Please prepare letter J to the end of the piece
Please prepare J through K
Alto, Tenor, and Bari Sax:
Please prepare K through L
Please prepare J
Please prepare G through J
All auditioners:
Please prepare to perform 3 things:
1) the portion of the pdf mentioned above
2) a prepared piece of your choice
3) 12 measures of a blues
Drum set auditioners:
Please plan on playing a sample of the following grooves: medium swing, up swing, bossa nova, samba, and funk

Jazz Chamber Groups 

MUSC 194 - 1 credit; S/CR/NC; Arts Practice (time/location TBA)
If you are interested in being in a Jazz Chamber Group, please let Ms. Caviani know at your audition, and she will help connect
you with others who are also interested. Any combination of instruments, including vocals, is possible.
Coordinated by Nikki Melville, chamber groups meet once per week with an instructor
and once per week on their own. In the Jazz Area, Chamber Group coaches are: Caviani, Harris, and Keel. 
no audtion required. 

Jazz Workshop 

MUSC 196 - 1 credit; S/CR/NC; Arts Practice (time/location TBA)

This is Workshop format where students learn basic techniques of combo playing, including improvisation. 
no audition required. Student cannot be simultaneously registered for Music 190, Jazz Ensemble.