Music Department Events

Jun 10

Carleton Music: The Show Must Go On!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020
7:00 – 8:00 pm / Streamed Event - Check your email for details!
Spring 20 Collage Concert - The Show Must Go On

Carleton Music: The Show Must Go On!

The Carleton Music Dept. invites you to a collage concert featuring performances by Symphony Band, Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Chinese Music Ensemble, Global Music Ensemble, Choir, and West African Drum Ensemble. PLUS special student performances by Scattitude!, Senior Chamber Winds, Chamber Choir, Fundamentals of African Drumming Kitchen Ensemble, Jazz Combos, and Chamber Groups.

Don’t miss this live-streamed musical extravaganza. The show must go on!

This concert is closed to the public. If you are in the Carleton Community, or are a friend of family member of the participants, you can find the invite in your inbox.

Sponsored by Music Department Events. Contact: Holly Streekstra