Music Department Events

Feb 12

Laudie D. Porter Guest Artist Concert: A Most Sweet Glance- The Blossoming of the Burgundian Spirit in Song, 1390-1440

Asteria - Sylvia Rhyne, soprano, Eric Redlinger, tenor and lute. Just like the shy lover who is knocked off his feet by the merest glance from the object of his affections, the music of medieval Burgundy, is infused with the sweetness and explosive passion of new love. Asteria’s latest program, “A Most Sweet Glance,” is the result of extensive archival research during their sabbatical year in France in 2006/2007. Largely drawn from anonymous compositions from the last decade of the 14th century and very beginning of the 15th, this body of work reflects the little-known era of “Dufay’s teachers”, and contains many of the elements that will later be the hallmarks of the mature Burgundian style that swept Europe during of the middle of the 15th century. Sylvia Rhyne is a 1978 music major graduate of Carleton. She was honored by her class for Distinguished Achievement at their 25th reunion.

Friday, February 12th, 2010
8:00 – 9:30 pm / Concert Hall

Sponsored by Music. Contact: Gao Hong, x5852