Laudie D. Porter Memorial Fund

The Laudie D. Porter Memorial Fund was established in 1986 by the family and friends of Laudie Porter, Assistant Professor of Flute at Carleton from 1968 until her death in 1986. Not only did Laudie teach flute to hundreds of Carleton students, she also endeavored to supplement her teaching by bring­ing to the campus outstanding mu­sicians and other artists. The fund is used each year to invite a distinguished performing or creative artist for a visit devoted both to performance and discus­sion. The first choice each year should be for women practitioners in the arts.

Past artists have included:

1989–90  Libby Larsen, composer
1990–91  Susan Allen Toth, author
1991–92  Mary Ellen Childs, composer
1992–93  Linda Shapiro, dancer and choreographer
1993–94  Jeanne Arland Peterson and Patty Peterson, jazz pianists and vocalists
1994–95  Jane Hamilton, author
1995–96  Sheila Adams, Appalachian balladeer, banjo player and author
1996–97  Sylvia Rhyne, soprano
1999–00  Sharon Isbin, guitarist
2001–02  Carolyn Pratt, soprano
2008–09  Emily Lodine, mezzo-soprano
2009–10  Asteria
2010–11  Harpourri, harp ensemble
2011–12  Joan Griffith, composer, guitar and mandolin
2012–13  Sarah Kirkland, composer; Brenda Brenner, violin
2013–14  Lydia Artymiw, piano
2014–15  Yasÿe Barnewell, composer
  Nirmala Rajasekar, veena
2016–17  Gloria Cheng, piano
2017–18 Laura Caviani Trio with Karrin Allyson, jazz vocalist
2018–19 Cipher, voice and violin duo

Guest Artists