Weitz Music Addition Exterior



In 2017 the Music Department moved to the Weitz Center for Creativity! The Old Music Hall and Concert Hall are now occupied by the Sciences.




Kracum Performance Hall

Kracum Performance HallKracum Performance Hall is a new 400 seat venue that has been designed to accommodate a multitude of different uses including, Concert, Dance, and Presentation events. Kracum Hall features tunable acoustics, two sound systems, a comprehensive lighting system, and a massive projection screen with a 25,000 lumen laser projector. Kracum Hall and the Weitz Center for Creativity is staffed with an experienced team of sound, stage, and lighting professionals to assist you with your event.




Applebaum Recital Hall

Appleabaum Recital HallThe Applebaum Recital Hall is an intimate multipurpose 900 square foot space. Equipped with sophisticated audio-visual technology, the Hall can easily support soloists and smaller music groups as well as meetings, events, and presentations with seating for up to 80 audience members.






Shackel Rehearsal Hall

Shackel Hall Rehearsal Room

The Shackel Rehearsal Hall is a 1,960 square feet and 75 seats, that doubles as flexible backstage space for the performance hall. A large multi-purpose space equipped with sophisticated audio-visual technology, the Hall can easily support music groups as well as meetings, events, and presentations.






Puzak Studio

Puzak Chamber StudioThe Puzak Chamber Rehearsal Hall is an intimate, rehearsal and lecture space equipped with sophisticated audio-visual technology.







The Music Dept also houses the Ensemble Library, six practice or teaching studios, each 500–600 square feet, and eleven teaching studios, 200 to 220 square feet. We also have the Music Resource Center, located in Weitz 148, which holds the CD and score collections and listening facilities.

Practice Rooms

Thirteen individual practice rooms of 100 square feet are available in the lower level of the music facility at the Weitz. They available to any Carleton student and are accessed by OneCard. Additional practice rooms are located in the east campus dorms of Myers (2 rooms), Goodhue (2 rooms), and Watson (1 room).


Storage lockers/space in the Weitz are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to students who are registered for lessons or ensembles. The Ensemble Library assigns storage space, and can be found on the lower level of the music facility in the Weitz. Many students use these lockers, while others choose to keep their smaller instruments in their rooms.