Student Performance at Carleton

Junior and Senior Recitals

Half-hour (Junior) and hour (Senior) Recitals may be scheduled at 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. on Satur­days and Sundays, provided another major event is not scheduled on the same day. Also, as noted above, Common Time may be used for Junior Recitals. This includes times when the major event is in another venue. For example, if an ensemble concert is scheduled in the Chapel on a given Saturday, no staff (and possibly equipment, particularly percussion) will be available to support student recitals in the Concert Hall on that day. Every effort will be made to provide a stage manager for all recitals that are scheduled before the beginning of the term. Junior and Senior recitals will be included on the Music Department web page/events calendar.

Junior and Senior Recitals will be scheduled only after the PAC/Concert Series Committee con­firms that the instructor has approved the performance. The Concert Hall is the venue for Junior and Senior recitals. For such recitals the Department will print programs, provided all required information is received no later than two weeks before the recital. Programs will not include texts, translations, or program notes. Students who wish to have such texts, translations, etc., may submit copy-ready notes no later than one week prior to the recital.

If requested by the instructor, the PAC will have an audio recording made of the recital. The recording will be archived in the MRC. However, posters and other publicity are the responsibility of the performer(s). The PAC will include the event on the Department web calendar. Receptions for student recitals are also the responsibility of the performer(s).

General Recital Policies and Guidelines

Anyone giving a recital, (Faculty, Student, Common Time, Chamber Music, Class) during the academic year must complete the appropriate forms which, when completed, should be returned to the PAC. Recitals should, if at all possible, be scheduled at least one term prior to the performance. Working through and with the PAC office will ensure that the performance is properly scheduled, promoted, managed and recorded.

The Department will not honor “last minute” requests for recital scheduling, even if the Concert Hall or other performance space happens to be open on the requested day. Such requests not only place an undue burden on the PAC office and staff, they also hamper the rehearsal and logistics sched­ules for other groups and performers.

If possible, student recitals should take place before May to avoid an overcrowded Spring term schedule.

Pre-recital rehearsals in the Concert Hall must be scheduled through the PAC office; please have your students plan their Concert Hall rehearsals well in advance in order to ensure both access and set up (e.g., piano logistics, etc.).

Honors in Music Performance

In the spring term of each year, the full-time faculty of the Department will consider awarding Honors in Music Performance to any deserving senior(s). The guidelines for this award are given in the Music Major Handbook. All applied faculty members are invited to submit the name(s) of student(s) whom they think are deserving of this honor. Awards are traditionally granted on the basis of a long-standing involvement with music making at Carleton, rather than on the basis of a single recital or performance. Honors in Music Performance need not be awarded every year. Nominations should remain confidential; it is not appropriate to inform a student that she or he is being nomi­nated for consideration of this award.

Please submit any names (along with as much specific information on public performances, awards won, etc. as possible) to the Honors in Music Performance Coordinator by April 15.