Current Facilities

Our concert hall seats 450 people. The lower level features a large rehearsal room, the Instrument Library, ensemble rooms, teaching studios, and practice rooms. The principal teaching facilities are in the Music Hall, which contains two classrooms, faculty offices, teaching studios, practice rooms, and the Music Resource Center, which holds the CD and score collections and listening facilities.

Practice Rooms

Practice rooms are available in the lower level of the Concert Hall and the second and third floors (primarily voice, piano and strings) of the Music Hall on a first-come, first-served basis.

Instrument Library (ILIBE)

The Music Department has a collection of standard and ethnic instruments available for loan to students registered in Ensembles, chamber music and music lessons. There are a limited number of musical instruments available free of charge on a first-come first-served basis. To check out an instrument, or if you have further questions, contact the Instrument Library, Concert Hall LL04, 507-222-4468. Students needing violins or violas should contact their instructor. Some non-orchestral or non-portable instruments (African drums, sitars, harps, harpsichords, early instruments, etc.) are available for student use, but may not be exclusively checked out. Instead, a student gains access to these rooms and cabinets when he/she joins an ensemble, enrolls for lessons, or receives special permission.

The Instrument Library may not be able to accommodate all requests for instruments, so students are advised to check out instruments as soon as possible. In addition, students who already own their own instruments should be aware that the Instrument Library collection might not have instruments that are equal in quality to the instrument they own, and should take this information into account when deciding whether to bring an instrument to college.


Storage lockers/space in the Concert Hall and the Music Hall are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to students who are registered for lessons or ensembles. The Instrument Library assigns storage space in the Concert Hall, while Diane Fredrickson assigns locker space in the Music Hall, primarily for violins and violas. Many students use these lockers, while others choose to keep their smaller instruments in their rooms.

Music Resource Center

The Music Resource Center (MRC) houses the Music Department’s curricular resource collection, including scores, reference books, and recordings. The online catalog is The Bridge, which is shared by Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges, where you can search for reference books, music scores, audio recordings (CDs) housed in the MRC. The MRC is not a circulating library per se. Access to holdings is generally limited to use in the MRC.

The Music Resource Center contains seven A/V computer workstations for listening to and/or viewing materials in our media collections. In addition, each is equipped with a MIDI keyboard, music notation software (Encore and Sibelius), music sequencing software (Digital Performer) and sound editing capability (Amadeus II). Priority for use of these machines is given to faculty currently teaching and students currently enrolled in music courses.