Current Majors


William Decourt '18 (Double Major with Political Science)

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Comps Topic: Composition

Musical Interests: Violinist, orchestral-enthusiast, and instrumental composer. My favorite composers are Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Smetana, and Debussy. Ask me another day and I might give you a different list.

Other Interests & Activities: I like geography, travel, languages, listening to music (almost any kind), and playing or watching soccer. Also enjoy being amused (take that as you will), a good Fall day, and a variety of other things, too.

Sam Wiseman '18 (Double Major with Computer Science)

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Comps Topic: How analysis informs performance in Alban Berg's Piano Sonata

Musical interests: I’m a pianist, violinist, and occasional singer. Piano, orchestral, and chamber repertoire is my jam but I love all sorts of music!

Other Interests & Activities: French and computer science are my other academic endeavors. I also enjoy teaching social dance, playing Nintendo games, and petting dogs. 


Jack Hardwick '19

Hometown: Mirfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Comps Topic: Composition, possibly combining western instruments with electronic or computer-generated instruments and sounds

Musical Interests: I play the violin, and I listen to classical (more specifically romantic) music as well as 60's/70's/80's folk rock, 80's rock/metal, Scottish, Irish, English and Scandinavian folk, and sometimes some soul, jazz and funk too.

Other Interests & Activities: Social activism, political activism, environmental justice

Jared Johnson '19

Hometown: Whitefish, Montana

Comps Topic: Composition of a variety of different genres

Musical Interests: I’m primarily a cellist, although much of my interests lie in production of music in recording studios. I also am self taught in some instruments, including guitar, bass, and drums.

Other Interests & Activities: Watching and playing soccer, traveling and learning different cultures and languages, hiking and backpacking, skiing, and doing Minnesotan things, like eating hotdish and playing broomball.

Charles Lutvak '19 (Double Major with Political Science)

Hometown: New York City

Comps Topic: A composition for one acoustic piano and three bitKlaviers (an instrument created by Dan Trueman ‘90)

Musical interests: I play guitar and mandolin, and I love folk, indie rock, and (mostly new) chamber music, among other things

Other Interests & Activities: politics/government/making social change, history, short stories, and tennis