Pathways toward the Music Major (prose)

First Year

  • The Theory sequence is strongly encouraged. Students may place out of 200 with an AP score of 4 or 5.
  • Music Lessons on an instrument or voice.
  • Participation in a Music Ensemble (185-187, 189-194).
  • An Ethnomusicology course is a possibility.
  • If taking the Theory sequence, 211 and 312 are possibilities, though they are usually taken the following year.
  • Music Electives (from any Music course, including lessons and ensembles).

Sophomore Year

In addition to courses appropriate for first-year students:

  • If the Theory sequence is completed, then 303 is a possibility.
  • If 201 (or 117) is completed, then 220 is a possibility.
  • Declaration of a Music Major is made in April.
  • If the Theory sequence is not completed in the Sophomore year, there may be limitations on the tracks and topics of the Senior Integrative Exercise that can be undertaken.

Junior Year

In addition to courses appropriate for first- and second-year students:

  • The Theory sequence must be completed by the end of the Junior year.
  • Music Major Colloquium (398, 2 credits, Spring)

Senior Year

  • All required courses must be completed.
  • Enrollment in the Integrative Exercise (400) is in Fall and Winter or Winter and Spring Terms; presentations are given in Winter or Spring Term.