Student Information

The Department of Music offers an array of courses in theory, history and ethnomusicology designed for the major and for the general student. In addition to classroom courses, students are invited to participate in ensembles including the Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Jazz Ensemble, Choir, Chinese Music Ensemble and Chamber Music. Private lessons, from beginning to advanced levels, are available and are taught by some of the full-time faculty and 30 part-time faculty.  Co-Chairs of the Department are Professor Lawrence Archbold and Professor Melinda Russell.

Can I major in Music? Yes, a major in Music is offered.

If I'm taking private lessons, can I also take a 6-credit course the same term?  Yes, absolutely!

Topics explored: Theory, Composition, History, Ethnomusicology, Private Lessons, Instrumental and Choral Ensembles.

How to get started: In addition to lessons and ensembles, the following courses are recommended for first-year students:

Fall Term:  Music Fundamentals (101); Global Popular Music (141); Theory I (200) and The 1960s Folk Music Revival (247). One Argument & Inquiry seminar is also offered: How to Talk About Music (100).

Winter Term: America's Music (126); Conducting (128); The Blues from the Delta to Memphis (131); and Theory II (201).

Spring Term: Baroque and Classical Music (211); Introduction to the Perception and Cognition of Music (227); and Music of Africa (245).