Concert Hall/Practice Room Reservations

Practice rooms are available for student use in the lower level of the Concert Hall and the upper floors of the Music Hall. The rooms in the Music Hall are primarily intended for students studying voice and piano, whereas the rooms in the Concert Hall are intended for all other instruments and groups.

To reserve practice rooms in the Concert Hall, please contact Carole Engel, the Department Administrative Assistant. To reserve the Concert Hall, please contact Gao Hong, the Performance Activities Coordinator.

Students giving recitals should reserve the Concert Hall as soon as possible. The Music Department holds slots on Saturday and Sunday (2 PM and 4 PM) for student recitals, but space (especially during spring term) is nonetheless limited. Please contact Gao Hong to check available dates and times. Student recitals require completion of the reservation form, permission of the student's applied music instructor, and the approval of the Department Chair.