Alumni Profiles

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Education (Higher Ed)

Nicole A. Forner

Nicole A. Forner ’14

Psychology, Neuroscience

Ph.D. Candidate , University of New Hampshire

Veronica L. Pena

Veronica L. Pena ’12

Psychology, Neuroscience

Graduate Research Associate , Arizona State University

Laura K. Somppi

Laura K. Somppi ’17

Psychology, Neuroscience

University of Cincinnati

Richard M. Yeker

Richard M. Yeker ’16

Biology, Neuroscience

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Anna G. Quinlan

Anna G. Quinlan ’14

Biology, Neuroscience

Medical Student , Unknown

Elena P. Rosenberg-Carlson

Elena P. Rosenberg-Carlson ’12

Neuroscience, Environmental Studies

Health Educator and Communications Specialist , Minnesota Department of Health

Rosemary S. Schairer

Rosemary S. Schairer ’12

Psychology, Neuroscience

Registered Nurse , Strong Memorial Hospital

Brett E. Sterk

Brett E. Sterk ’17

Biology, Neuroscience

Medical Scribe , Hennepin County Medical Center

Info Systems/Technology/Library

Maraki A. Ketema

Maraki A. Ketema ’15

Computer Science, Neuroscience

Software Engineer , Tableau Software

Other Careers

Anthony C. Daza

Anthony C. Daza ’14

Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry

Scarlet Park

Scarlet Park ’15

Psychology, Neuroscience

Mahesh B. Rao

Mahesh B. Rao ’10

Biology, Neuroscience

Elizabeth B. Walcott

Elizabeth B. Walcott ’15

Psychology, Neuroscience, Educational Studies

Austen R. Yeager

Austen R. Yeager ’15

Philosophy, Neuroscience

Science/Lab Research

Abigail S. Hellman

Abigail S. Hellman ’16

Philosophy, Neuroscience


Emily Huang

Emily Huang ’17

Biology, Neuroscience

Clinical Research Coordinator Associate , Stanford University

Kelsey R. Swyter

Kelsey R. Swyter ’14

Biology, Neuroscience

Research Technician , Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital

Elayne P. Teska

Elayne P. Teska ’14

Psychology, Neuroscience

Senior Lab Tech , University of Minnesota