Faculty and Staff

Core Faculty

Sarah Meerts (profile)
Sarah Meerts Profile
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director of Neuroscience
Fernan Jaramillo
Fernan Jaramillo Profile
Professor of Biology
Julie Neiworth
Julie Neiworth Profile
Lawrence McKinley Gould Professor of the Natural Sciences and Psychology
Matt Rand
Matt Rand Profile
Professor of Biology
Lawrence Wichlinski
Lawrence Wichlinski Profile
Associate Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Wolff, Biology
Jennifer Wolff Profile
Associate Professor of Biology
Chair of Biology
Brielle Bjorke
Brielle Bjorke Profile
Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroscience

Affiliated Faculty

Ken Abrams
Ken Abrams Profile
Associate Professor of Psychology
Off Campus: Winter 2018
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn Profile
Chair of Linguistics
William H. Laird Professor of Linguistics and the Liberal Arts
Off Campus: Spring 2018
Bridget Jacques-Fricke
Bridget Jacques-Fricke Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology
Justin London
Justin London Profile
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Music, Cognitive Science, and the Humanities
Anna Rafferty
Anna Rafferty Profile
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Off Campus: Winter 2018 through Spring 2018
Julia Strand
Julia Strand Profile
Assistant Professor of Psychology


Pamela Groves-Gaggioli
Pamela Groves-Gaggioli Profile
Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Cognitive Science