• The NY Times just published a summary of an fMRI analysis of sorts on 20 "swing" voters as they watched various news clips, pictures, and words related to the 2008 presidential campaign. Note this is not a peer-reviewed piece, but it is fun to read -- click here to download.

  • were co-authors of a poster in the "Teaching Neuroscience II" section of the Society for Neuroscience, Nov 3, 2007, San Diego, CA. The title of the poster was "MidBrains 2007: The inaugural year of the Midwest's undergraduate neuroscience conference" and it involved faculty from St Olaf (Bonnie Sherman, Gary Muir, Clark Ohnesorge, and Shelly Dickinson), Macalester (Eric Wiertelak, Graham Cousens), Gustavus Adolphus (Mike Ferragamo, Janine Wotton), St Thomas (Roxanne Prichard, Dwight Nelson), and Augsburg College (Barb Curchack).