• Sea Turtle in Australia


There is still so much to learn about the millions of organisms—many as yet unidentified—that inhabit this planet. On this program, students will spend the majority of their time outside, learning how scientists can address many of biology’s most exciting questions by gathering data where organisms live and die: in the field. Australia is an ideal place to learn about the challenges and opportunities associated with field research. Australia offers myriad habitats, all teeming with its unique flora and fauna. By studying these organisms in the wild, students can learn about

the organisms’ evolutionary history, their ecological present, and the uncertain future that all organisms face. The participants will explore Australia alongside Professor Bosacker and a team of local university instructors. Academic and logistical support is provided by ISA, a company specializing in program design and program support.


Annie Bosacker, Lecturer in Biology

Professor Bosacker greatest field adventures were in the forests of Gombe National Park, Tanzania, where she studied the the behavior of wild baboons. She is well versed in the challenges of fieldwork, having survived near misses with an aggressive chimpanzee and some complex political drama. Now she focuses on sharing the adventure of field research with her students. Professor Bosacker is also a graduate of this program, and she is extremely excited to have the opportunity to return to Australia with Carleton students. In fact, she credits this program with saving her from a life in the lab, as she had originally intended to pursue a career in cellular biology.


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