Winter 2013


Annie Bosacker, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Professor Bosacker studies the behavior of wild baboons in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. She is well-versed in the challenges of field work, having survived near misses with an aggressive chimpanzee as well as a violent political coup. Her research centers on the social lives of female baboons, and she is especially interested in the social coping strategies females use to reduce their exposure to the ravages of stress. Professor Bosacker is also a graduate of this program, and she is extremely excited to have the opportunity to return to Australia with Carleton students. In fact, she credits this program with saving her from a life in the lab, as she had originally intended to pursue a career in cellular biology.


Biology 125 and 126, or equivalent. Applicants should have a strong desire to explore new countries, a passion for biology, and a deep respect for other creatures and cultures. The program seeks students with the ability to get along well with classmates while living and working closely together. Outdoor fieldwork poses a host of unusual challenges and discomforts, and successful applicants to this program must possess the fortitude to withstand such challenges. Applicants should also be comfortable in the water, possess basic swimming skills, and be prepared for vigorous hiking.Australia W13 Main Page Photo

Info Meeting:

5-6pm in Olin 141 on Tuesday, February 14, 2012.