Nov 2

How to Nurture Community Partners in North Africa and The Middle East

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A Public Works Initiative sponsored workshop

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
9:00 am – 12:00 pm / Sayles-Hill Lounge
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This workshop explores ways to nurture partnerships with local communities and with educational, government, and non-government institutions in North Africa and the Middle East (and beyond).
The facilitators of this workshop are Sylvia Smith, a BBC journalist, and Richard Duebel, a film maker / photographer and art director. They have acquired a wealth of experience in using photography, documentary film, art, and radio in Southern Europe and the North African and Gulf regions of the Middle East. 
It draws from the expertise of two London-based BBC journalists whose work subjects ranging from environment, arts, and culture in the broadest sense in Africa, the Middle East, and their diasporas. During a time in which many governments in the region have cracked down on journalists, the facilitators of this workshop have acquired a wealth of experience in using photography, documentary film, art, and radio. This workshop will feature guide conversations aimed at illuminating pathways for international community partnerships where free speech is not a protected right. Faculty members from all disciplines are welcome to attend the workshop. Colleagues with a keen interest in North African or Middle Eastern politics, culture, arts, or relationships are invited to attend. This half-day workshop will include periods of lecture, small-group and large-group discussions, question-and-answer opportunities, as well as viewings of short documentary films and interviews.
Richard Duebel is a film maker, photographer and art director who has been working in North Africa and the Middle East for more than 20 years. His specialisms are culture, geopolitics and the applied arts.

Sylvia Smith makes radio and television programmes for international audiences from the Afro-Arab world as well as reports from other countries that explore the relationship between North Africa, the Middle East through the medium of arts and culture.

Sponsored by Public Works Events. Contact: Terra LaChance, x4341