The Tempest

August 8, 2006 at 9:26 am
By Kartheek

After our adventures in Stratford during the day, we settled down to eat a pre-theatre meal and watch The Tempest. The meal was amazing. I had a great fillet of salmon and cod, some fruit salad, and an amazing white chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Then came the play. Somewhere in the town of Stratford every year, every single Shakespeare play is performed at least once. And they are not all traditional -- many performances are by companies brought in from different countries performed in different languages (there was one from India! Sorry Reshad, not Singapore). And there are a lot of them! I had not seen Shakespeare before, so it was an interesting experience for me. It was not as I expected. The play dealt with themes of magic and spirits. The acting was definitely superb. There was this one guy who played a monster who I often confused with a real monster! If you do not know the plot, it revolves around Prospero (Patrick Stewart) who has magical powers and his magical spirit Ariel (Julian Bleach), who he hires to sink a ship in Iceland full of the Duke of Milan and the King of Naples and their relatives and servants. Prospero used to be Duke of Milan, until he was betrayed by Antonia (Ken Bones), who he now wants to get back. There is some humor with Stephano and Trinculo, as they are mere servants who dress up in women’s clothing and are very stupid. Another subplot involves Prospero’s daughter Miranda (Mariah Gale) and Alonso’s son Ferdinand (Nick Court). At the end, the moral of the story is forgiveness. Prospero forgives all the sailors for shipwrecking them, he releases Ariel, and asks for the audience’s applause, as that will be the thing that “releases” him. It was an excellent contrast from the economics that we study, and we are now all much more cultured because of it.