Winter 2007 - Political Science Seminar in Washington DC


Steven Schier, Congdon Professor of Political Science.

Steven Schier, Congdon Professor of Political Science, founded the Carleton Washington D.C. seminar in 1983 and has led it on nine occasions. A veteran of an undergraduate Washington program in 1973, he knows the city and its ways well. Articles by him on national politics have appeared in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today and other newspapers. Cable News Network, the CBS Evening News, C-SPAN and National Public Radio have broadcast his commentary. His ninth and latest book, High Risk and Big Ambition: The Presidency of George W. Bush was named an “academic press best seller” in 2004.


Students are encouraged to participate in the Washington D.C. program as sophomores, juniors, or seniors. The sole prerequisite is the completion of Political Science 122. Should the program be oversubscribed, applicants will be preferred on the basis of their academic background and expressed interest in the program. Senior majors in the political science department will complete their comprehensive exercise before attending the program.




is a wonderful location for many kinds of learning beyond the classroom. In addition to the major institutions of national government, the city is an international capitol that is home to over 150 foreign embassies.