LGBT Program Evaluation

For LGBT Students and Allies:

To better address the specific issues and interests of LGBT students, we encourage your feedback on your OCS experience. Your response will become part of an LGBT resource notebook in the OCS Office. Responses will be sent to OCS Asistant Director and Adviser Naomi Ziegler at Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses.

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Program Location:*
1. Did your off-campus study program provide any orientation or pre-departure information specifically for LGBT students? If yes, what was most useful?
2. Describe the program’s sensitivity and support, or lack thereof, for LGBT students. Where did you find support?
3. Did you use print or on-line resources before you left, which helped you anticipate the LGBT climate, health issues, and resources available in your host country? If yes, list some of the useful resources.:
4. Describe the country/culture’s climate. What general attitudes prevail toward LGBT persons face-to-face, in the media, or in host families?
5. Did you locate an LGBT community while on your program? If no, would finding one have improved your off-campus studies experience? If yes, how did you find it?
6. Do you have any other thoughts, comments, or advice?
Would you be willing to serve as a resource for other LGBT students who may be considering OCS?*
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