Emotional Health

Adjusting to life in a new culture (and sometimes language) can be stressful. Students who have been or are currently being treated for emotional health issues are strongly encouraged (and sometimes required) to discuss their travel plans with their counselor or health-care provider and to develop a wellness plan which may include medication management and plans for continued care on-site. OCS can assist with this process. All students can benefit from consulting the following resources, before, during, and after their programs.

Resilient Traveling: Managing Stress and Enhancing your Experience Abroad

Produced by the University of Michigan, the Resilient Traveling website presents specific strategies and skills that can be used to deal with common challenges of educational travel such as loneliness, culture shock, group conflict, and personal struggles. 

CARE—Carl-Approved Relaxation Exercises

Cultivating mindfulness is a great habit at home and abroad. These Carl-Approved Relaxation Exercises: CARE resources, compiled by Carleton students, are a treasure-trove of activities, tips, and tools for maintaining optimal emotional health while abroad.

Emotional Passport Handout

The Emotional Passport Handout developed by Janice Abarbanel, a licensed psychologist who specializes in study abroad, contains useful tips on shifting cultures.

Resilience for your Journey

This 26 minute video by Northfield's own Dr. Henry Emmons teaches you how to build resilience. Originally produced for high school-level Rotary Youth Exchange, the same principles apply to college-level study abroad. 

Center for Global Education

The Center for Global Education website presents strategies for maintaining strong mental and emotional health based on training materials developed for the US Peace Corps.

Mobility International USA

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) has some informative tips about flourishing while traveling for those with mental health conditions.