Travel Health Resources

Medical Information

Centers for Disease Control
Authoritative, comprehensive and up-to-date information on Traveler’s Health, including country guides, advice on immunizations, illness and injury abroad, and diseases prevalent in different areas of the world.

Great source of information on destinations, infectious diseases, and general travel health & safety.

Mayo Clinic
The Health Information section of the renowned Mayo Clinic’s website contains comprehensive information on hundreds of conditions, a symptom checker, and guides to drugs and supplements, tests and procedures.

Health and Safety Abroad by HTH Worldwide
Video series on common health and safety issues presented by Dr. Frank Gillingham, medical director for HTH Worldwide.


Research indicates that alcohol use increases when students are studying abroad. 

The Center for Global Education contains a wealth of information about health & safety topics, including a section on alcohol consumption abroad.

In 2004, the World Health Organization published a Global Status Report on Alcohol with data about alcohol use and abuse in many countries.

Sexual Health

The Sexual Assault Support and Help for Americans Abroad (SASHAA) is a program of the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVC). AODVC created and launched the SASHAA program to specifically address the needs for prevention and response to American sexual assault survivors overseas.

Sexual Health is important both at home and abroad. This CDC website covers STDs, HIV/AIDS prevention, Sexual Violence Prevention, and LGBT sexual health.

The Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response website is the best source of information about what to do in cases of sexual misconduct. In addition, you may contact the OCS office or your Faculty/Program director.

The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality contains information of sexual practices and related issues by country and is a good place to begin your research by country.

International Centers for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Harassment  contains a by-country list of places you can go and people you can contact if you're a victim of sexual assault or harassment abroad.

Emotional Health

Adjusting to life in a new culture (and sometimes language) can be stressful and it is normal for students to experience culture shock at some point during their program. You are encouraged to talk with your faculty or program adviser early and often and to check out the suggestions on maintaining strong mental and emotional health from the Center for Global Education and Carleton Student Health and Counseling.

Mobility International USA (MIUSA) has some informative tips about flourishing while traveling for those with mental health conditions. 

The Emotional Passport Handout developed by Janice Abarbanel, a licensed psychologist who specializes in study abroad contains useful tips.

Also, check out this excellent video by Northfield's own Dr. Henry Emmons on building resilience for your journey. Originally produced for high school-level Rotary Youth Exchange, the same principles apply to college-level study abroad.

Dietary Concerns

Vegetarianism, food allergies, religious practices, and an interest in healthy eating are all good reasons to research food options before you travel. This section is not comprehensive and you are invited to add to our resource list using the form provided. Consult with your medical provider and other experts as well.


Top 5 ways to be a respectful vegetarian abroad
Article on problems vegetarians face while traveling...and workable solutions.

Veg Traveling and Study Abroad Guide
This guide provides tips gleaned from the experiences of vegetarians and vegans who have traveled and studied abroad.

Country Guides for Vegetarians
Resources by country (mostly Europe and the Middle East).


Kosher Travel
Regional resources for traveling kosher.

Crohn's disease

Crohn's travel tips
Tips for traveling with Crohn's.

Celiac’s disease

Celiac Travel
Contains tips for traveling gluten-free as well as restaurant cards in 51 languages explaining the condition.

VeryWell's Celiac Disease Page

Has a celiac disease travel resource section with easy-to-digest explanations, tools, clinical information, and travel suggestions.


Travel advice from the American Diabetes Association

Web MD Article on Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling with Diabetes by

Do you have any dietary or allergy related concerns about off-campus study?  Please feel free to share your concerns confidentially with the OCS Director/Assistant Director here.