Summer 2013

"From the top of Croagh Patrick to the edge of the Antrim Coast, Ireland was colored with a rugged beauty. It was evident in the landscape and in the Irish themselves. They shared their castles, their pubs, and their stories with us, and through the experiences they gave us, the literature came to life. Everywhere we went there was a scent of history, both ancient and modern, that the Irish have never forgotten." 
  -Kayla McGrady, Carleton Ireland Seminar Alumna



Greg Hewett, Professor of English
Professor Hewett’s interests include Irish Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature, and Creative Writing. He is the author of three collections of poetry. He has led off-campus programs to Ireland and London.

OVERVIEW:  Ireland through Writing and Literature

The Carleton Ireland Program immerses students in Irish culture, history, and politics through creative writing and the reading of literature. Students will meet Irish writers and poets, attend theater, and visit manor houses, castles, villages, and national parks. For the first week students live in cottages on the dramatic west coast. The program then moves to bustling Dublin where the group resides in the hallowed halls of Trinity College. Later, students spend two weeks in the British province of Northern Ireland to learn about the decades-long conflict known as the Troubles from local politicians, military leaders, and historians. The three courses will be “Creative Writing in Ireland,” “Contemporary Irish Literature,” and “The History and Culture of Ireland through Literature.”