• Dali in Madrid

This advanced Spanish language program is based at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), one of Spain’s top academic institutions.  Courses include Urban Studies, Political Sciences, and Art History, as well as an intense grammar review.  All credits count towards the Spanish major or minor.  In addition to their coursework, students are allowed to audit a course of their choice. 

"On some Autumn or Spring morning in Madrid, luminous, clear, and somewhat chilly, I have shouted while strolling through the fields. Those cries had no purpose whatsoever. I let them escape for the sheer joy of living in such a wonderful place. I burst with happiness, vitality, and, if I may say so, with animal energy. I felt as free and supple as a stag, as in control of the air as a bird."

— José Moreno Villa

Produced in 2014, this video highlights student experiences on the Carleton Spanish in Madrid program—all in Spanish!