Spring 2008

Students will take classes at the Universidad de las Americas (UDLA), in Cholula, a city immediately adjacent to Puebla, the major city of the area. Cholula is the oldest city on the American continent, surrounded by Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl volcanoes. In this city stands the great Pyramid of Cholula, considered to be the largest in volume in the world. A fantastic display of arts and crafts, ethnic music and food is part of the daily life of the various communities in the Cholula region. Puebla de los Angeles is situated in the center of Mexico. Its central location places Puebla only 70 miles (122 km) away from Mexico City, 165 miles (267 km) away from Veracruz, and 198 miles (320 km) from Oaxaca. In addition to its traditional architecture and atmosphere, the city has a first-rate tourist infrastructure and is also a leader in commercial and educational facilities.


José Cerna-Bazán, Associate Professor of Spanish

José Cerna-Bazán is a native of Perú and graduated from San Marcos (Lima) and the University of Minnesota. He focuses his research on contemporary Spanish American literature, particularly on the Andean area. Among the topics he covers in his courses are the representation of indigenous populations in literature and culture, the relationship between literary experimentation and multicultural contexts, and avant-garde movements in Spanish America. He has published articles on contemporary Latin American poetry and narrative, and a book, Sujeto a cambio, on César Vallejo. He directed the Spanish seminar in Morelia, winter 2003 and in Puebla, winter 2004.


Students who have successfully completed at least Spanish 204, or the equivalent, by the end of fall term 2008 are encouraged to apply.