Carleton Scholarships

Carleton has a limited number of scholarships and travel grants to help defray the cost of off-campus study.

Most Carleton scholarships are awarded based on financial need and satisfaction of eligibility criteria for the specific fund. For example, individual scholarship funds can be restricted to women, first-year students, students studying in a French-speaking country, students studying on Carleton programs, students studying outside the United States, students studying in Asia, etc. Eligible expenses for consideration include those listed on the Off-Campus Studies Budget Worksheet or other personal expenses incurred during the regular program. Students must have accepted all of their need-based financial aid in order to be considered.

To apply, students must complete the appropriate budget worksheet and the OCS/Financial Aid Scholarship/Loan Application and send them and any supporting materials via campus mail to Tina Kukowski, 4-SFS, or deliver it in person to the Office of Student Financial Services in Scoville Hall. If students are off-campus, they may email the information to Student Financial Services will review the applications and select students who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship award will be used to offset student loan(s) or unearned student employment income for the off-campus term in which this scholarship is applied.  Recipients of these scholarships will be expected to write a note of thanks to the donor or the family. The Office of Stewardship will contact recipients with further information.

For Spring Break and Spring 2019 programs and 2019-20 programs, deadlines are as follows. Note the early deadline for summer 2018 and the associated financial aid application deadlines.

Program Term Scholarship Deadline Financial Aid Application
Summer 2019 Friday, April 5, 2019 Round 1-January 7, 2019
Fall Term 2019 Friday, June 7, 2019 Round 2-April 1, 2019
Winter Break 2019 Friday, June 7, 2019 Round 2-April 1, 2019
Winter Term 2020 Friday, September 20, 2019 Students must have been
Spring Break 2020 Friday, January 10, 2020 awarded and accepted aid
Spring Term 2020 Friday, January 10, 2020 prior to scholarship deadline.

Note: Students must be awarded and they must have accepted their aid for the award year in which they are planning to go on their OCS program. This will mean that students interested in attending a Summer 2019 Carleton OCS program and wish to apply for additional Carleton Scholarships need to have their financial aid application for the year completed by the Round 1 deadline of Jan. 7, 2019.  Students interested in a Fall or Winter Break 2019 program need to have their financial aid application complete by the Round 2 deadline of  April 1, 2019.

General OCS Scholarship Funds

Laurena Choo Memorial Fund

The Laurena Choo Memorial Fund was established in 1992 by Kwan and Jessica Choo in memory of their daughter, Laurena, Carleton Class of 1990. The fund is intended to support students with financial need who are studying in China or in other parts of East or Southeast Asia. At Carleton, Laurena was a member of both the skiing and volleyball teams. She was one of the founders of the Chinese Club and spent six months of her senior year studying in China. While on this program she was a major source of information for Reuter’s News Agency during the race riots that were taking place in Nanjing at the time. Laurena, a political science major, achieved distinction in her senior comprehensive exercise: a thesis on the corrupt “backdoor” distribution system in China. She graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa. Tragically, Laurena was killed in a waterskiing accident in Singapore in 1991. She was 22 years old. This scholarship is for students studying in China or other parts of East or Southeast Asia.

Class of 1956 Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad

The class of 1956 Scholarship for students studying abroad was established by the Class of 1956 on the occasion of their Fiftieth Reunion. Recognizing the importance of international experiences in a liberal arts education, members of the class established this scholarship for students with financial need who are pursuing an off-campus studies program outside of the United States.

Dubrow Family Fund for Educational Travel

Dubrow Family Fund for Educational Travel was established in 2010 by Heather Dubrow to support student travel for off-campus studies programs. In creating this fund, Ms. Dubrow honors her parents’ respect for education, travel, and the many connections between the two, and expresses her gratitude for their support in both areas. 

Beverly Oyler Shivers '56 Off-Campus Study Fund

The Beverly Oyler Shivers '56 off-campus fund was established by Beverly ’56 and Linward Shivers in commemoration of Beverly Oyler Shivers 50th reunion to assist with the financial obligations of studying abroad. The scholarship benefits students who participating in a Carleton off-campus study program in a French speaking country.

Ms. Shivers graduated magna cum laude from Carleton in 1956 with a degree in French. Her junior year was spent studying in France. She received a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was a lecturer of French at the University of Texas until her retirement. Ms. Shivers is actively involved with the Class of 1956 as a class agent and alumni volunteer, and previously served as an admissions volunteer from 1983 through 1998. Ms. Shivers’ dedication to Carleton is evidenced through her many volunteer activities as well as her support of current students through this generous gift.

Judith Ann Sosted '61 Scholarship Fund for Off-Campus Studies

The Judith Ann Sosted '61 Scholarship Fund for Off-Campus Studies was established to benefit female students participating in off-campus study programs. It is Ms. Sosted’s intent to assist with the financial obligations of studying abroad. Ms. Sosted graduated from Carleton in 1961 with a degree in psychology. She holds master’s degrees in both social work and education administration. She spent her career as a social worker for elementary and junior high school children. She is also an experienced traveler and a fearless creative person who is accomplished at woodworking, pottery making, and knitting. A generous and dedicated Carleton volunteer, Ms. Sosted has served as the Cannon Valley Alumni Club Chair and as her class’s Alumni Annual Fund Co-Class Agent for many years.

Scholarships with Different Application Processes and Deadlines

Andrea Grove Iseminger '59 Endowed Scholarship Fund for Off-Campus Studies

The Andrea Grove Iseminger '59 Endowed Scholarship Fund for Off-Campus Studies was created in honor of Andrea Grove Iseminger in recognition of her distinguished service to Carleton. Under her leadership as director of Off-Campus Studies, Carleton’s program matured and expanded, so that it now ranks among the nation’s best. The Iseminger fund provides off-campus study and travel support for students with demonstrated financial need who are enrolled in Carleton-sponsored programs. Information on the application process and deadlines can be found on the scholarship fund website.

Jonathan Paradise Israel Experience Scholarship

The Jonathan Paradise Israel Experience Scholarship is for any Carleton student of good academic standing who demonstrates a genuine interest in the history, language, and culture of Israel.

Boyd-Niles Student Travel Fellowship

The Boyd-Niles Student Travel Fellowship gives students already pursuing off-campus studies the opportunity to add an additional site visit or experience that will enhance their understanding of the world between ca. 300 and ca. 1650 with a particular emphasis on Europe, the Mediterranean Basin and the broader Middle East. There are two application cycles each year, one for summer and fall programs and one for winter and spring programs. Recipients of the prize are expected to bring their experience back to campus in a meaningful way.