Financial Aid

All students on non-Carleton programs who receive financial aid are required to complete a Budget Worksheet. Students on Carleton programs who want to apply for a Carleton scholarship or loan must complete a Budget Worksheet and Application for loan or scholarship form. These documents are found on the Student Financial Services website.

If you receive financial aid from Carleton and/or other sources, you may apply your aid to ONE NON-CARLETON off-campus study program approved by the College. Your aid will not apply to additional non-Carleton programs. The Office of Student Financial Services adheres to the following policies:

  1. Your financial aid package will be available for use toward an off-campus studies program only after your application to participate in a non-Carleton OCS program has been approved and the Student Financial Services Office has been notified by the OCS Office.
  2. Your entire financial package, including grant, loan and work contract, is based on the estimated cost of a year at Carleton. If you participate in a program which is more costly than Carleton's estimated annual costs, your grant funds will not be increased, but you may request additional loan funds. If your total program expense is less than the estimated annual cost at Carleton, your financial aid will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.
  3. A program deposit fee and expenses not included in the program fee, such as travel, are your responsibility. Students receiving need-based aid may request additional loan assistance to cover those costs directly associated with the program which exceed those incurred for a comparable period of time on campus.
  4. Normally, your annual financial aid is applied 1/3 to fall term, 1/3 to winter term, and 1/3 to spring term. The exception is the academic year in which you take a semester off-campus program for 27 credits and attend Carleton for one term. In this case, you may request that 1/2 of the aid be applied to the semester program and 1/3 to your Carleton term, for a total of 5/6 of the annual amount.
  5. If you participate in a fall semester program and return to Carleton for winter and spring terms, you should expect your expenses to be more than that for a regular academic year. In this case, financial aid is applied at the rate of 1/3 per term.
  6. If it is impossible to fulfill your total work contract due to the length of time you will be off-campus, you may request in writing a loan for the unearned amount. Contact SFS if you would like to make up lost hours during terms in which you are enrolled and on campus.
  7. You must submit to the Office of Student Financial Services, at least 30 days prior to the starting date of the program, a written request for additional loan funds along with a completed budget worksheet and supporting cost estimate.
  8. You must maintain your full-time student status (enrolled for at least the equivalent of 12 Carleton credits) in order to qualify for financial aid.