Faculty-Led Program Model

Carleton Faculty Led Program Model - Features

Carleton's faculty-led programs are embedded in the curriculum, with faculty and departments maintaining strong ownership of their programs.

College Ownership

  • Fiscal control and administrative oversight
  • International visibility
  • Internationalization of campus environment
  • Opportunities for faculty development  

Faculty Ownership

  • Intellectual design
  • Curriculum integration
    • Pre- and post- program coursework integration at the introductory and advanced levels
    • Integration with course planning and offerings on campus
    • Extension of the "Carleton experience" academically, intellectually, and socially - taking advantage of the "bubble"
  • Ensuring rigorous academic standards consistent with the college curriculum and pedagogy
  • Situating disciplinary knowledge in global and cultural contexts
  • Fostering and deepening the sense of learning community beyond the classroom and the campus to fully engage the on-site experience
  • Supporting personal growth and development of students by challenging their intellectual, cultural, and personal values through travel and/ or cultural immersion
  • Developing life skills through travel, such as independence and interdependence, financial management, navigating the unknown, establishing personal connections, and engaging in career explorations