Mission Statement & Learning Goals

Carleton Off-Campus Studies Mission Statement

Off-Campus Studies enriches Carleton’s extensive international engagements and its mission to educate citizens capable of engaging with complex global issues. By teaching students how to apply disciplinary and interdisciplinary tools in unfamiliar environments, off-campus study helps students make connections between their education and the world at large. Carleton believes that off-campus study contributes to students’ understanding of the world’s variety and inspires long-lasting curiosity.

Carleton Off-Campus Studies Learning Goals

Students who study off-campus, experience the personal growth that results from leaving the confines of Carleton and its routines, and enter into a learning environment that is different in customs and norms. This new environment may offer chances to communicate in new languages, meet people from different backgrounds, experience new living space, navigate in an unfamiliar place, ask for help, travel independently, and consider different points of view. A reflective learner will incorporate these unfiltered experiences - the successes and the mishaps - into a new sense of self, perhaps one that is more confident in its own talents and in possession of an expanded worldview.

Therefore, Off-Campus Programs have the following learning goals.  Students who study off-campus should:

  • use intercultural encounters, field study, and their own experiences, to expand their curiosity and ways of knowing
  • acquire understanding of an unfamiliar environment, whether that environment is cultural, social, economic, linguistic, natural, historical or political
  • make connections between this new environment and their own, to hopefully better understand the world in which we live
  • develop specific discipline-related and interdisciplinary skills through exploration of off campus sites, field research, and immersion in the languages and cultures of these locations
  • recognize and think about the connections between local, national, and global challenges, and confidently pursue solutions to these challenges
  • bring the experiences back to Carleton, and allow their off-campus learning to inform their further education in a dynamic and thoughtful way
  • expand their vision of life after Carleton and explore broader range of life and career opportunities

To further these goals, Off-Campus Studies Office seeks ways to integrate the experiences of studying off-campus into the experience, and curriculum, on-campus.