Spring, 2019 (May 21, 2019)

NEW Global Engagement Program! Anthropology and Ecology in Tanzania

May 24, 2019

Global Engagement Program in Tanzania to be offered in fall 2020

Anthropology and Ecology in Tanzania will be open to students from all colleges

Beginning in fall 2020, Carleton will add to its Global Engagement Program offerings an off-campus study option focusing on ecology and cultural anthropology in northern Tanzania.  

Carleton has reached an agreement with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest to take over direction of ACM’s Tanzania off-campus study program, which has a 20-year history. The Tanzania program joins Carleton’s existing Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe program and Buddhist Studies in India program as off-campus study options that are open to students from other colleges and universities.

Anthropology and Ecology in Tanzania has officially been added to the Carleton Global Engagement Programs! When Associated Colleges of the Midwest made the decision to stop offering off-campus study opportunities to ACM member institutions, Carleton expressed interest in supporting the continuation of this unique program. It will first be offered as a Carleton program in fall 2020. Carleton will continue the Tanzania program’s dual focus on cultural immersion and undergraduate research in the context of this diverse and welcoming country. The search for a permanent faculty director is in process with the expectation of an announcement by late summer. 

Some components of the ACM program will remain, some will change. Students will continue to study and conduct research in northern Tanzania’s most recognized ecological and paleoanthropological sites. Carleton will continue to partner with the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation outside of Arusha on program logistics, home stay arrangements, and some course instruction. A new student research model with a focus on both serving student scholarship and contributing to a larger community benefit in Tanzania will be implemented.'

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