Promoting Non-Carleton Programs

Carleton has an open policy for participation in programs sponsored by other organizations. Non-Carleton programs are reviewed for academic rigor and fit with the student's academic program at Carleton as well as the sponsoring organization's health and safety protocols and support for students while away. Students going on non-Carleton programs submit an application to receive academic credit and transfer financial aid.

We promote non-Carleton programs in the following ways:

  • Listing a wide variety of programs in our Directory
  • Directing students to IIE Passport
  • Maintaining a short list of suggested programs by subject area
  • Maintaining a library of program catalogs
  • Hosting a study abroad fair annually where returned students promote their programs
  • Hosting program representatives to recruit on campus through information tables, information meetings, and limited faculty visits
  • Recommending non-Carleton programs to students in individual advising