OCS & Diversity

Diversity matters vary among cultures. To prepare for your off-campus study experience, we recommend that you:

  • Read books and articles about your host country that are specific to diversity in study abroad.
  • Watch documentaries produced in or about your host country.
  • Listen to podcasts produced in and about your host country.
  • Talk to trusted friends, faculty members, and other campus resource people about your upcoming experience.
  • Attend pre-departure workshops on diversity issues in off-campus study.
  • Keep an open mind. Not all cultures view issues of identity and diversity in the same way. Be aware of how your own cultural lens influences the way you see your host culture and refrain from passing judgment on things before you have a good understanding of them.

Here are some general resources on diversity and off-campus study:

On campus

Off-Campus Studies
Dean of Students
Chaplain’s Office
Gender & Sexuality Center
Office of Intercultural & International Life


IES Abroad-Diversity Resources by Country
Includes variety of resources, including country- and city-specific information on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical disability, and other topics for 18 of the most popular study abroad destinations.

School for International Training-Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources Map
Includes variety of resources for countries where SIT operates.

Davidson College Study Abroad
Excellent resource. Includes testimonials from people of diverse backgrounds who studied abroad as undergraduates.

All Abroad
Provides resources for promoting diversity in study abroad.

University of Denver Diversity Abroad
Provides resources for promoting diversity in study abroad.

Mobility International 
Promotes and provides information for study abroad opportunities  for students with disabilities. 

Diversity in Study Abroad
Compiles quotes and experiences regarding diversity issues in off-campus studies.        

What to Wear in Paris

"Reverse Culture Shock Is Hilarious: Korea to US"                                                                               

In print

OCS evaluations (past evaluations available in the OCS office)

Check out our individual pages on diversity issues for more specifics. OCS welcomes your feedback, and suggestions for additional resources or information to include on these pages.