Integrating OCS into Academic/Career/Life planning

The following resources can help you plan your own next steps:

  • Carleton Pathways
    Explore ways that courses, co-curricular activities, off-campus studies, internships, and other opportunities can lead you to the career and life that you seek.
  • OCS becomes comps
    Many comps papers have been influenced by an off-campus studies experience. This handout contains tips on how to develop work done on OCS into comps.
  • Going Global
    International employment guide contains country-specific information on work abroad. Available with Carleton NetID on the Career Center website.
  • AIFS Student Guide to Study Abroad & Career Development
    This guide provides students with a framework to understand the impact and value of study abroad for their career development.
  • Transitions Abroad
    This publication contains numerous resources on finding international employment, volunteering overseas, and travel.
  • Lessons from Abroad
    This website contains a wealth of resources for work and volunteer abroad, graduate school, teaching abroad, financing, and conferences and events.
  • Life After Study Abroad
    Magazine and website chock full of helpful articles about your transition home...and possibilities for going abroad again.