Program Features

Off-campus programs offer a variety of program features. Here are some basic considerations when selecting a program:


  • Is instruction classroom or field-based?
  • Are classes taught by local faculty or visiting professors from the United States and elsewhere?
  • Does the program have a thematic focus or do students choose from a variety of subject areas?
  • Where are other students from?


  • Will you live with a local host family, local roommates, or with other students on the program?
  • Will you stay in a house, dorm, apartment, or hostel/hotel?


  • Are meals included in the cost?
  • Where do students typically eat?

On-site support

  • Is there someone available to contact 24/7?
  • Is that person located nearby or in another part of the country?
  • Where, specifically, is the program located (in city center, at or near a university, in rented office space, etc.)?


  • How many hours/week is the internship?
  • What kinds of internships are available?
  • Are placements guaranteed or competitive?
  • Is the internship accompanied by an academic course (necessary to receive credit)?
  • Is the internship done part-time throughout the program or full-time for part of the program?

Independent research

  • Is independent research an integral part of program or one option among many?
  • Who supervises the research?
  • How is the independent research project structured (weekly seminars, discussion group, final paper, presentation, etc.)?
  • Does the program have an IRB (Internal Review Board) approval  process for human subjects or will you need to request IRB approval from Carleton?

Civic engagement

  • Does the program offer non-credit volunteer opportunities?
  • Do any of the classes include a service-learning component?