Student Research Abroad

Institutional Review Board Approval

As students at Carleton College, you are not permitted to do any research on human subjects without first getting Institutional Review Board approval. Human subjects research includes conducting interviews, administering surveys, or observing public behavior. Importantly, not everything is research. And not all research is research on human subjects, however, if you have any questions about whether or not you need IRB approval, you should consult with a member of the IRB board BEFORE beginning your research.

In some cases, the program (e.g. SIT) has an IRB process which Carleton honors. In other cases, students need to apply through Carleton’s IRB. You should inquire with your program about their IRB procedures.

Failure to obtain IRB approval prior to beginning your research can result in a number of outcomes including, but not limited to: the requirement that you inform all subjects of your study that you conducted research on them without IRB approval, the determination that you cannot present or publish your work in any public or scholarly forum, or the determination that you will not receive course credit.

To apply for IRB approval from Carleton for potential work done on your OCS program, click here.