Approval of non-Carleton Programs

Application and Approval Process

Students wishing to participate in a non-Carleton program MUST OPEN an application for Carleton approval through the OCS Student Portal at the same time they initiate their application for a non-Carleton program. The application must be completed by the third Thursday of the term prior to the program. See instructions here.

Approvals are processed on a rolling basis. Applications for approval will not be considered retroactively and late requests are accepted only at the discretion of the Off-Campus Studies Director. Financial aid will be released after the Student Financial Services Office has been notified by the OCS Office that your application has been approved.

Submitting an application for approval of a non-Carleton program is considered an intention to be off-campus for the stated term. Students will be removed from housing and registration priority lists.

You will receive a letter of approval or denial of participation in your proposed off-campus program from the OCS Office with (if approved) a checklist of required and recommended pre-departure tasks.

If your application for Carleton approval is denied, you may not participate in the program for Carleton credit. You may inquire in the Dean of Students Office about taking a leave of absence to participate in the program without earning Carleton credit.

If your application is approved, but you are not accepted into the program, OR if you decide not to participate in the OCS program for which you were approved, you must withdraw your online application and notify the OCS office in writing (email is acceptable). You will be able to register for classes as usual, and you will be guaranteed campus housing.

Non-Carleton Program Study Abroad Fee

Carleton charges a $500 administrative fee for all non-Carleton programs. The fee will be posted to your student account and due before the program begins.