You are responsible for making sure that an official transcript of your off-campus studies is sent to Carleton upon completion of the program. Make sure that you have requested your transcript in writing before you leave the program/country. Please note that it usually takes several weeks for Carleton to receive transcripts and post grades. Graduating seniors who study on a non-Carleton program for their final term may have an asterisk (*) by their name on the graduation program, indicating that the academic record is not yet complete.

Grade Point Average

All grades earned on non-Carleton off-campus study programs are entered on your transcript, but are not computed into your GPA. However, graduate schools or employers may use all your grades, including those earned off-campus, to determine your GPA for their own purposes. Grades are sent from the sponsoring institution and the Registrar converts the grade (A+ through C– = S, D+, D or D– = CR, F = NC) on your transcript.


Satisfactory/Credit/No Credit (S/CR/NC Option) S/CR/NC policies apply to off-campus studies including the limit of 30 S/CR/NC credits used during your four years at Carleton. In a Carleton seminar, the seminar director will distribute S/CR/NC cards at the beginning of the seminar and collect them by the published deadline for S/CR/NC declaration (7th Friday of the term), signing off as the instructor for all seminar courses.  The seminar director will then notify the Registrar’s Office via email of all S/CR/NC declarations.   The seminar director will also deposit the cards with the Registrar’s Office upon arrival back on campus. 

To enroll for S/CR/NC credits in a NON-Carleton program you must pick up a S/CR/NC card in the registrar’s office prior to departure. You must return that card (either as a scanned attachment to an email or via the post), with your signature declaring that you did S/CR/NC the course, no later than 7th Friday of the NON-Carleton program term. 

If an off-campus course is offered only satisfactory/no credit, you must provide documentation to the Registrar. For many programs (ACM, HECUA, AKP, ISLE, DIS, etc.) this information is on file. For all other non-Carleton programs, you must submit a program brochure or letter indicating that the course is not offered for a letter grade to the Registrar’s office. The Registrar will not accept S/CR/NC grades from off-campus study for credit unless you have filed the S/CR/NC form or have proof that the sponsoring institution does not offer the course for grades.