Registration and Housing


Students must discuss registration plans with an academic adviser prior to registering. Students with access to the Internet can find all registration instructions at and should register as they would on campus.

Students who will NOT have Internet access during registration must make arrangements to have a proxy register for them via the following paper process: The proxy meets with the off-campus study student's adviser to agree upon a proposed list of courses; the adviser signs a sheet of paper (no special form required) on which these proposed courses are listed; and the proxy brings this sheet to the registrar's office during normal business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Proxy registration can also take place 8 a.m.-5 p.m. any day after the above through 4 p.m. the last day of classes.

The Registrar's Office does not accept registration by mail, e-mail or FAX, and cannot arrange contact between off-campus students and proxies.

You may also register once you've returned to campus during the first two weeks of classes. Your selection of courses will be limited to those remaining after normal registrations are complete.


When you submit your Application for Approval of Off-Campus Study for non-Carleton programs, or your Agreement Form for Carleton programs, you forfeit your eligibility for housing for the term designated on the form. To ensure housing for the term you will be returning, please complete the Housing Information Request and return it to the Office of Residential Life, prior to leaving campus. A copy of this form will be mailed to your housing proxy when the list of rooms with vacancies is posted (the fifth week of the term). Your housing will be arbitrarily decided if you do not provide Residential Life with the name of a proxy.

Your housing proxy is responsible for all housing-related issues. If you will be off campus winter term and want Northfield Option for the following year, your housing proxy is responsible for putting you on the Northfield Option Wait List in mid-February. If you will be off campus spring term, you can use the online room draw process as normal. Please keep your housing proxy informed about your housing needs/desires.

If you have special housing needs, please make an appointment with Residential Life staff prior to leaving campus to discuss your particular needs. You may also e-mail