Non-Carleton Programs offered during Winter OR Spring term

There are a limited number of non-Carleton programs available during winter and/or spring term, listed here by program sponsor.

When browsing programs, pay careful attention to dates. Programs that would require you to miss classes at Carleton will NOT be approved, however, individual programs can sometimes be flexible by a few days to accommodate your schedule. Be sure to check with the program well in advance to see if this is possible.

CIEE Open Campus
Combine blocks for a 10- or 12-week program in one or two of fourteen cities. Courses are offered in the following tracks (note that courses are approved on a case-by-case basis):

  • Business
  • Communication, New Media, and Journalism
  • Global and Community Health
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Language, Literature, and Culture
  • STEM and Society

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Check out the Costa Rica, Barcelona, Salamanca, Malaga, Thailand, University of Reading, service-learning/internship programs in particular.

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience
Hispanic & European Studies Program at University Pompeu Fabra is available during Carleton's Winter Term.

CEA offers Winter and Spring programs in Costa Rica.

Global Education Oregon (GEO)
The University of Oregon offers programs open to non-Oregon students in multiple locations during spring term. Search for spring quarter programs.

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA)
Check out the Seville intensive language and language and internship quarter programs for winter, as well as, Alicante and Barcelona.

Sea Education Association (SEA)
SEA offers several programs that fit into Winter or Spring term. Routes and programs vary by year, so pay careful attention to dates. In particular, look for early spring dates on the ship schedule under the "Our Ships" tab.

Foundation for International Education in London (FIE)
A study abroad program in London, FIE offers a variety of courses for US students during our winter and spring terms. See the program dates page under Apply Now to check specific dates.

University of York
This UK university has an academic calendar similar to Carleton’s and thus allows students to enroll directly for winter or spring terms. See the international students/visiting students section under applying and studying.