Winter 2011

Australia signposts


Students will live and study at the Australian National University in Canberra. The ANU is Australia’s foremost institution of higher learning. Students will experience one of the world’s most famous planned cities. Like Washington D.C., Canberra houses the parliament, hosts diplomatic missions, and oversees the nation’s most revered museums, art galleries, film archives, and monuments to Australian history and culture. Nestled at the foothills of the Brindabella Mountains, known as "the Brindabellas," Canberra is surrounded by some of Australia’s most natural and beautiful environments. Coastal beaches, vibrant Sydney, hiking in the Snowy and Blue Mountains, and rustic rural towns are easily accessible from Canberra. To help experience the nearest beach region firsthand, students will travel to Kialoa, ANU’s coastal retreat for a weekend of lectures, discussions, and recreation. Short excursions to Tasmania and Wellington, New Zealand are also planned to learn more about comparative welfare systems for a State within Australia and for its closest culturally alike neighbor. 

Required courses of study include comparative welfare systems, community needs assessment and program evaluation, and an internship, which is a compulsory work placement one day per week for 10 weeks.


Peter Brandon, Broom Professor of Social Demography

Professor Brandon is a member of Carleton’s Sociology and Anthropology department and teaches courses in welfare systems, social science methods, and population sciences. An Australian by birth, he has worked multi-nationally for 15 years researching developed nations’ welfare systems, child and family policies, and income transfer programs. He has advised government departments in both the United States and Australia on evaluating welfare reforms and social policies and contributed to methodologies for collecting high-quality statistical data on both countries’ low-income populations.