In Memoriam - David Sipfle

David Sipfle graduated from Carleton in 1953 with a major in philosophy.  After earning his doctorate at Yale in 1957, he taught philosophy for three years at Robert College in Turkey and joined the Carleton faculty in 1960, teaching philosophy and related subjects until his retirement in 1998 as the William H. Laird Professor of Philosophy and the Liberal Arts.  His abiding philosophical interests included the problem of free will, the nature of time, and issues in the philosophy of physics. 

Pedagogically, David was firmly committed to a Socratic method of teaching.  His most memorable courses were an introduction to philosophy by way of ethics, a general studies course on the rise of modern science, and a freshman seminar on Zeno’s paradoxes.  His teaching was marked by a seriousness of purpose, a sense of humor, and a profound dedication to his students and to Carleton.  David died unexpectedly on April 30, 2017.


A memorial service for David will be held on Thursday, June 15th, at 10am, in Great Hall.

Donations in memory of David may be sent to the David Sipfle Memorial fund c/o The Development Office at Carleton. 

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