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September 2018

Friday, September 21st


June 2018

Friday, June 8th

May 2018

Thursday, May 24th
  • Philosophy Picnic and Arb Walk
    • Come join Philosophy faculty and majors for a fun event. It begins at 5pm at Mai Fete Island. See note below.
    • 4:30 pm, Begins at Mai Fete Island

November 2017

Monday, November 13th
Friday, November 10th
Wednesday, November 8th
Monday, November 6th

September 2017

Tuesday, September 19th
  • Philosophy Welcome Gathering
    • Welcome Allison and Claire, new professors to the department, enjoy delicious B & L pizza/snacks with faculty & majors. Hope you can come!
    • 12:00 pm, Leighton 304

May 2017

Sunday, May 28th
  • The Thin Red Line (Terrence Malick)
    • Screening and Discussion with Cowling Distinguished Visiting Professor David Davies
    • 3:30 pm, Weitz Center for Creativity - Cinema (WCC161)

March 2017

Wednesday, March 29th

February 2017

Friday, February 24th
  • Philosophy Majors Bowling Event
    • Philosophy faculty and majors enjoy a get together of bowling at Jesse James Lanes. For info, contact Laura Soter (
    • 5:45 pm

October 2016

Thursday, October 6th
  • Annual Philosophy Gathering
    • Meet Philosophy faculty, majors and friends - enjoy good conversation, and eat tamales and other delectables.
    • 5:00 pm, Mai Fete Island (Rain location - Leighton#305 or if island's still closed due to flooding)

June 2016

Friday, June 10th

May 2016

Wednesday, May 4th
  • New Majors Picnic/Walk
    • Meet in front of Rec Center @ 5pm. For faculty, majors & newly declared majors - walk the arb, enjoy Tandem bagels, salad & other treats!
    • 5:00 pm, Rec Center

February 2016

Saturday, February 27th
Wednesday, February 17th

October 2015

Thursday, October 15th

September 2015

Wednesday, September 30th

May 2015

Monday, May 18th

April 2015

Wednesday, April 1st

February 2015

Thursday, February 26th
Monday, February 9th
  • Phil Majors and Faculty Bowling Night
    • Philosophy majors and faculty are getting "bowled" over at Jesse James lanes. Meet at 5:45pm in front of Sayles Hill.
    • 6:00 pm, Meet in front of Sayles Hill at 5:45pm

October 2014

Thursday, October 16th

September 2014

Tuesday, September 23rd
  • Philosophy Ice Cream Social
    • Philosophy faculty, majors & students interested in Philosophy meet. Come & hear about upcoming classes.
    • 5:00 pm, Leighton #305

May 2014

Sunday, May 25th
Monday, May 19th

April 2014

Tuesday, April 1st
  • Philosophy Ice Cream Social
    • Interested in learning more about the Philosophy major,comps? Share the scoop from Philosophy faculty/majors with ice cream...! RSVP ssaari
    • 4:30 pm, Leighton #402 (Location change)

February 2014

Tuesday, February 25th
Friday, February 7th
Wednesday, February 5th

January 2014

Friday, January 24th
  • Lunch with Philosophy candidate
    • Have lunch with Philosophy job candidate (courtesy of the Phil.Dept.). Contact ssaari@carleton if available. (could also meet 11:30 - 12:30)
    • 11:00 am
  • Dinner with Philosophy candidate
    • Dinner w/Philosophy job candidate (courtesy of Phil.Dept.). Contact ssaari if interested. Meet candidate at Alumni Guest House Library @ 6pm
    • 6:00 pm

November 2013

Tuesday, November 19th
Thursday, November 14th

October 2013

Friday, October 11th
Tuesday, October 8th

September 2013

Thursday, September 26th
  • Philosophy Interest Ice Cream Social
    • Ice cream social for Philosophy faculty, majors and students interested in learning more about the Philosophy major, comps... RSVP ssaari
    • 5:00 pm, Leighton #304

June 2013

Friday, June 14th

May 2013

Wednesday, May 29th
  • Philosophy Department Senior Dinner
    • Philosophy faculty celebrate and honor the senior Philosophy students! Go to Philosophy website for a link to the menu.
    • 6:00 pm, The Ole Store Restaurant
Monday, May 13th
  • PHIL Majors Picnic
    • Majors/faculty picnic - Come enjoy Hogan Brothers sandwiches, ice cream sundaes/floats; good conversation.
    • 4:30 pm, CHANGE: Rain Location - Leighton #303

March 2013

Thursday, March 7th
  • Philosophy Majors Bowling Night
    • Come join Philosophy faculty and majors in "non-competitive" games of bowling! More details to follow.
    • 7:00 pm, Meeting place - in front of Sayles

February 2013

Monday, February 25th
Tuesday, February 19th

January 2013

Friday, January 25th
  • Lunch with Philosophy job candidate
    • PHIL majors to have lunch w/Philosophy job candidate - meet in PHIL lounge(Leigh#306)at noon. See Sandy for lunch ticket if not on meal plan
    • 12:00 pm, Meet in Phil lounge
Tuesday, January 22nd
  • Lunch with Philosophy job candidate
    • Philosophy Dept. provides lunch for you w/Philosophy job candidate. Meet in PHIL lounge(Leigh#306)at 1:00 PM. RSVP to Sandy!!! (ssaari)
    • 1:00 pm, Philosophy Lounge - Leighton #306
Friday, January 11th
  • Lunch with Philosophy job candidate
    • PHIL majors to have lunch w/Philosophy job candidate. See Sandy for lunch ticket if not on meal plan. Meet in PHIL lounge at noon.
    • 12:00 pm, Meet in Phil lounge
Tuesday, January 8th

November 2012

Wednesday, November 7th

October 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd
  • Common time lunch
    • Discussion on Chronicle article - lunch provided by Paula Hart fund. For Philosophy majors.
    • 12:00 pm, Philosophy Lounge/Leighton #301

September 2012

Wednesday, September 12th

June 2012

Friday, June 8th

May 2012

Thursday, May 24th
  • Philosophy Senior Dinner
    • A catered dinner is planned for Philosophy Seniors with faculty in Hill Lounge from 5:30-7:30 pm. Celebrate your upcoming graduation - yeah!
    • 5:30 pm, Sayles Hill Lounge
Thursday, May 17th
Monday, May 14th
  • Philosophy Majors picnic
    • Philosophy Dept. picnic FRONT PATIO of Leighton Hall (inclement weather - 3rd floor Phil Lounge).
    • 4:30 pm, Leighton - FRONT PATIO

September 2011

Thursday, September 29th
  • Philosophy Majors Get Together
    • A pizza get together for Philosophy Majors to celebrate the beginning of the new term with the Philosophy faculty and fellow majors. Come join the festivities in Sayles Hill Lounge from 6 - 7:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 29th.
    • 6:00 pm, Sayles Hill Lounge

June 2011

Friday, June 10th
  • Philosophy Reception for Seniors, Families and Faculty
    • Friday, June 10, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Philosophy Facultry department reception for graduates, and their families on the day before Commencement, front yard (south lawn) of Leighton Hall. Rain location is Leighton Hall main floor
    • 2:30 pm, Leighton front lawn

May 2011

Friday, May 20th
  • Philosophy Senior Dinner
    • The Philosophy faculty is hosting and celebrating the Philosophy seniors at a dinner in Headley House.
    • 5:30 pm, Headley House
Monday, May 9th
  • Philosophy Majors Picnic
    • Come join the fun and share in the camaraderie of your fellow Philosophy majors. A sub sandwich, chips, beverage and chips will be provided! RSVP required please.
    • 5:30 pm, Leighton front patio

February 2011

Wednesday, February 16th

November 2010

Thursday, November 11th

October 2010

Monday, October 25th
  • Author Jordan Flaherty & Poet Sunni Patterson to talk
    • Jordan Flaherty is a nationally known journalist, author and community organizer based in New Orleans. He will be giving a talk entitled "Community and Resistance on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina to the BP Drilling Disaster", followed by a brief book signing and reception. Jordan is the author of "Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six". Copies of his book will be available at the event and in the Carleton Bookstore. Artist and visionary Sunni Patterson combines the heritage and tradition of her native town with an enlightened modern world view to create music and poetry that is timeless in its groove. She will be joining Jordan to share her voice in the Gulf Coast talk.
    • 4:30 pm, Boliou #104

September 2010

Thursday, September 23rd

June 2010

Friday, June 11th
  • Philosophy Senior Reception
    • Reception for senior Philosophy student and their families to meet informally with Philosophy faculty. Rain Location - main level (2nd floor) of Leighton
    • 2:30 pm, South lawn of Leighton Hall [rain location: main (2nd floor) Leighton Hall

May 2010

Thursday, May 20th
Tuesday, May 4th

April 2010

Tuesday, April 6th

January 2010

Tuesday, January 12th

November 2009

Sunday, November 8th
  • Philosophy Movie Night: WAKING LIFE (Richard Linklater, 2002)
    • A screening and discussion of the film, WAKING LIFE (2002) hosted by the philosophy department in Leighton 304 Sunday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. Come see and discuss this interesting film that examines knowledge, skepticism and personal identity. Refreshments will be provided and everyone is welcome!
    • 7:00 pm, Leighton 304
Tuesday, November 3rd

October 2009

Tuesday, October 13th
  • Philosophy Pizza Party!
    • Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 13 to meet the Philosophy faculty and other Philosophy students! There will be pizza, beverages and dessert at this get together so we hope you can join the staff in the Alumni Guest House Library from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. to share in some good conversation and fun. Prime up for some Monty Python trivia questions!
    • 5:00 pm, Alumni Guest House Library

September 2008

Tuesday, September 30th
  • Call For Papers
    • Nineteenth Annual Truman State University Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference: November 8th, 2008. All undergraduate papers welcome. All papers should be no longer than 30 minutes reading time. Submissions must be postmarked no later than September 30th 2008. Papers should be sent to: Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Truman State University, 100 East Normal, Kirksville, MO 63501 (Attn: Dr. Ashcroft). Authors should include: name, address, title of paper, telephone number, email address, and institution on a seperate cover sheet. a hard copy of the paper prepared for blind review (including the title). website:
    • 12:00 pm

April 2008

Tuesday, April 29th
  • "Should We Trust Moral Intuition?"
    • The second public lecture given by Cowling Distinguished Visiting Professor Stephen Stich will be held on April 29th during common time in Leighton 304. A venerable view, still very much alive in contemporary debates, urges that our spontaneous moral judgments reflect a deep wisdom, except when the processes underlying those judgments are interfered with by morally problematic forces. However, much recent work suggests that we should have a very different view of our spontaneous moral judgments. This work indicates that there is no one psychological system underlying moral judgments. Rather, there is a hodgepodge of different systems that pull in different directions. Moreover, some of these systems were designed to perform cognitive functions that have little to do with morality. When they are co-opted to play a role in moral judgment they often reflect aspects of these other functions in unexpected and alarming ways. Far from being the sort of "elegant machines" imagined by both traditional philosophers and contemporary evolutionary psychologists, these mechanisms are kludges (a clumsy or inelegant solution to a problem or difficulty). If the mechanisms underlying moral judgment are indeed a hodgepodge of kludges, it poses a major challenge to those who believe that the pronouncements of those systems should be relied upon.
    • 12:00 pm, Leighton 304
Tuesday, April 22nd
  • "Philosophy, Intuition and Culture: An Overview of a Research Program "
    • This is the first of two public talks given by Cowling Distinguished Visiting Professor Stephen Stich, presented from 12:00-1:00pm in Leighton 402. Philosophers use intuitions in a variety of ways in a variety of projects. For the last several years, Stich and his collaborators have been exploring the extent to which intuitions vary across cultural groups, and attempting to explain why that cultural variation exists. This talk is an overview of this work. The talk will (i) present some of their findings about the cultural variation in philosophically important intuitions, (ii) sketch some of their work aimed at explaining that variation, and (iii) explore the implications for a range of philosophical projects, if their findings are robust and their explanations are correct. Most of the work discussed will deal with the use of intuitions in epistemology, ethics and the philosophy of language. The relevance of this work to metaphysics will also be explored briefly.
    • 12:00 pm, Leighton 402
Tuesday, April 8th
  • Reception for Stephen Stitch
    • Come welcome Cowling Distinguished Visiting Professor Stephen Stich to Carleton. The reception will take place to introduce majors and faculty to Stephen Stich, our visiting professor for this Spring term. Refreshments will be served.
    • 5:00 pm, Philosophy Lounge

March 2008

Monday, March 10th
  • End of Term PARTY
    • Philosophy majors, come celebrate the end of term with the Philosophy Department. We will be gathering to celebrate the announcement of Anna Moltchanova's tenure and Jason Decker's appointment to a tenure track position in Philosophy of Mind/Language. Come rub elbows with all of your favorite professors and become better acquainted with fellow majors. But best of all come celebrate the end of winter term.
    • 5:00 pm, Sayles-Hill Lounge
Thursday, March 6th

February 2008

Thursday, February 21st
Thursday, February 7th

January 2008

Thursday, January 24th
Thursday, January 10th

May 2007

Tuesday, May 22nd

February 2007

Thursday, February 8th